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The Mindfulness Paintings Blog will explore creative meditation exercises, mindfulness artwork and mindfulness art activities. Please share your thoughts, ideas and experiences as we journey towards being more mindful as we create. This is a safe place for the inner artist to share, notice and grow in mindfulness.

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This blog will provide mindfulness painting activities, techniques, and meditation exercises. If you are interested in mindfulness painting, or have thoughts or suggestions on the subject to share, please join us here at Mindfulness Painting Blog.
By Alisa on 10/22/2020 4:01 PM

Together, we can start a new art movement that that is driven by honesty, not validation. Imagine a community or art makers embracing the present moment, mindful of their own creative practice, and driven by the desire to be true to their work. To be perfectly honest, I ache for that. Do you? If you do, read this blog and respond in some way: through your work, through your actions, through your thought process, or through celebrating the sincere and forthright creations of others. If we do it, I think the world will be a little more honest. 

Right Side Up or Upside Down?, 2020

By Alisa on 9/17/2020 12:42 PM

I’m feeling lost. I’ve got to make some good choices to settle myself down. I’m working on my mind right now: the tape that’s playing in my head. I’m telling it to slow down, and I’m telling it I’m going to be OK. There’s a lot going on, so my head is swimming with voices. Not audible ones. Just those quiet whispers that we tend to give too little attention. They are insidious. I must find a way to silence them.

By Alisa on 8/19/2020 9:44 AM
Consider your creative process and how it can help you to be ready for “What’s Next” and say goodbye to “What Was”? What steps do you need to take so that you can see hope in the present moment? Find a creative outlet that lets you experience life as it is: without looking back or forward.

Paradise Lost, 2020

By Alisa on 7/10/2020 12:40 PM

While I wait for an uncertain future, I find hope in creative expression. Consider exploring the power of your creative side: its power to help you navigate these uncertain times with a little more peace and hope. 

By Alisa on 6/5/2020 5:35 PM

The simple shapes, colors and designs made with a gelli plate allow me to express myself without fear of failing. I can relax and be in a peaceful flow. I can be mindful of my choices and enjoy the present moment. The gelli plate is liberating for me because there is truly no right or wrong when I use this simple printmaking tool. It’s my mindfulness painting tool that lets me pay attention to the beauty in my own choices and the beauty in how I express myself.

By Alisa on 5/7/2020 11:39 AM

I think we all need something different to think about right now? This doesn’t need to mean that reality changes or that we pretend that we’re not concerned about the future. It can mean that we let our thoughts be what they are while engaging in a mindfulness activity. We can re-focus and let our thoughts go to someplace new- someplace that might bring us some peace and a little hope.


By Alisa on 3/15/2020 2:54 PM

Even if you believe you lack all talent and skill, it does not matter. Find a creative channel that can quiet the disquieting “In-Betweens”: a channel that will offer you clarity in both the fleeting and unyielding moments anchored in time. Creative expression offers you calming, quieting, and soothing in the otherwise unsettling liminal spaces where we all find ourselves in waiting. Take a place that would be otherwise destabilized, rattled, and agitated, and create a place where you can be present and mindful. You can do it all with a paintbrush and a canvas.

By Alisa on 1/12/2020 4:43 PM

Painting helps me make sense of the most confusing and challenging things. When I paint I have a lot of things that float in and out of my mind. None of the thoughts cause me sadness or anxiety, though. I’m in this type of flow where I can think about just anything and I remain centered. I can go back and forth between thoughts, and moments in time, with ease.

Back and Forth, 2019

By Alisa on 11/2/2019 6:22 PM

As I moved colors, shapes and textures across this canvas, I pondered the “different” in how we look, how we think and how we choose to live our lives. I am mindful of our uniqueness as I look at what I have made. I painted with my best effort to represent this uniqueness well. My “flaws” surprise me and I begin to see that they are gifts. I am in awe that I am part of God's diverse universe and that He is our Christ.

Part of His Universe, 2019

By Alisa on 10/8/2019 8:12 PM

I took this art techniques class on using a Gelli Plate. I love making collages with this simple printmaking plate. I also love putting the collages I create inside my paintings. I can create my own papers, with my own patterns, so that everything I use to create my work is original. The exciting think about a Gelli Plate is that anyone can make satisfying art with it. You don’t need to have advanced drawing or painting skills. A simple sense of color and design can bring you a long way. 

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