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The Mindfulness Paintings Blog will explore creative meditation exercises, mindfulness artwork and mindfulness art activities. Please share your thoughts, ideas and experiences as we journey towards being more mindful as we create. This is a safe place for the inner artist to share, notice and grow in mindfulness.

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Something Different to Think About

May 7

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5/7/2020 11:39 AM  RssIcon

I think we all need something different to think about right now? This doesn’t need to mean that reality changes or that we pretend that we’re not concerned about the future. It can mean that we let our thoughts be what they are while engaging in a mindfulness activity. We can re-focus and let our thoughts go to someplace new- someplace that might bring us some peace and a little hope.

We have all been thinking a lot about social distancing. We dream of hand washing and we walk outside with anxiety about people getting closer than 6 feet of us. Every cough raises our “Worry Meter.” What if we gave ourselves a chance to think about something else?

You could make something. This would be your chance to think about something else. It wouldn’t matter what you made. You could re-finish an old piece of furniture. You could re-paint and re-decorate a room. You could sew masks for COVID-19 workers. You could make a sketch or paint something. This would be a chance to let your mind wander away from the daily noise we so often hear right now. These are the perks of creative mindfulness.

Perhaps you are held back by the fear that you won’t produce a pleasing product? You might notice that you have concerns about subject matter. Try to just let your mind drift. If you are using color, notice how the colors work together. Look for similar colors and notice how they work harmoniously. Consider how contrasting colors scream for attention and make themselves the focal point. Enjoy the way colors play together. Meditate on what you see. Note what you notice. Think about what it all means to you and how it makes you feel. Watch what happens to the colors as you layer them. Notice what color combinations please you the most. Meditate in this place of simple choices. Try to stay focused on the pleasure of the painting experience.

Right now, we could all use a process that gives us something else to focus on. It's all about the process not the product. The value isn’t in your finished work. The value is in what happened while you were creating. Of course, the worries of the day will creep in, but they will also creep out. The space where you think about something else will get bigger as you make creative choices. All of this is possible through the simple act of making something.

I love to make, and I love share what I make. I love to see what others make, and I love learning about the process they used to create. I love the idea of this blog, because someone might make something because they were encouraged here. I’m crazy about the idea that someone might share their creation, and the process of creating, here or with someone else. I love what we can do here together.

Together, we can re-focus, re-direct, and re-make our experience of today. Creative process can breathe a little hope into a day that might have otherwise been hopeless. Join me in that process. Share here. Share somewhere. Inspire someone to create something new so they can be made new. Celebrate that you have made a little hope happen.


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